AIM Has Been Selling Alkaline Water for Years


If you’ve spent any time in your local health food store, you may have noticed the shimmering bottles of alkaline water near the checkout stand.  That’s because alkaline water is the latest health craze sweeping the nation.

The popularity of alkaline water stems from the same driving force behind the alkaline diet. Basically, acidic foods are unfavorable because they increase the body’s acid load. The organs tucker out removing acid which comes, usually, from unhealthy foods, sugar and whatnot, and this causes chronic low-grade inflammation which has been linked to depression, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis and so on.

Water, usually, has a pH range from 6.5-8.5. That’s directly in the center of the pH scale. However, water can be made more acidic or alkaline when it is ionized. Pollutants and other factors can cause water to slide on down the acidic side of the scale, but water can also be made more alkaline. One of those ways to make water more alkaline is with magnesium oxide, the active ingredient in Prills.

Prills, magnesium oxide balls, turn regular water more alkaline and more viscous, making it easier, also, to mix up juice powder concentrates. (Hint, hint). This just goes to show that The AIM Companies, like always, has been ahead of the curve in terms of health and wellness.

The best thing about Prills is that they are an absolute value when compared to some of these goofy designer-label brands. A single, solitary gallon of alkaline water can cost $50.00 all the way up to $120.00 dollars. A canister of Prills is less than $20.00 US, and, if used wisely, can last you for years!

Why pay big money for designer water when you can make your own for pennies on the dollars? That’d be unhealthy for your pocketbook.  Try a canister of AIM’s Prills today and save your money!


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