Another Study Links Magnesium to Migraine Relief


Millions and millions of people suffer from migraine headaches.  Besides for the obvious aching-head symptom, migraines may also cause nausea, vomiting and light sensitivity. Although the underlying cause of migraines isn’t yet understood, it is generally believed they are somehow related to both environmental and genetic factors as well as excitability in the brain.

Scientists have not discovered for sure why magnesium seems to be helpful, but they do know that migraine attacks are strongly associated with low levels of magnesium and have been studying the relationship for some time. Leading theories include:

  • magnesium blocks a major neurotransmitter responsible for brain excitability
  • its effect on cortisol levels
  • repairing imbalances in mitochondrial energy

The latest meta-analysis of the literature on the subject was published in Pain Physician (Sept 2016).  Researchers analyzed both oral and intravenous magnesium trials separately. There were 948 test subjects in the intravenous trials and 789 who took a magnesium pill.

Those who supplemented with oral magnesium saw reductions in intensity and frequency of migraines, and the injections were over 75% successful for stopping or alleviating migraine attacks. This was the first meta-analysis of its a kind and pretty good indication that magnesium, in some way, is helpful for migraines.

Whether you have migraines or not, nearly seventy-five percent of people don’t get enough magnesium in their diets. Therefore, it’s likely you need a little extra magnesium in your life.The AIM Companies provides oral magnesium through CalciAIM and topically with Mag-nificence!


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