Is This Antioxidant the Secret to a Longer Life?

  There is an antioxidant that is in every cell of your body, but it rarely receives much fanfare. It’s called glutathione, and like many antioxidants, it helps prevent free radical and cell damage.  It also plays key roles in building and repairing tissues, the production of nitric oxide, metabolizing iron and immune system support. But inContinue reading “Is This Antioxidant the Secret to a Longer Life?”

3 New Reasons to Drink CoCoa LeafGreens

CoCoa LeafGreens is the green juice for people who don’t like green juices because it doesn’t taste like green juice. It still is, however, made from some of the healthiest green vegetables around: kale, arugula, Swiss chard, barley grass and broccoli sprouts. As an extra twist, we’ve added three types of cocoa powders to give thisContinue reading “3 New Reasons to Drink CoCoa LeafGreens”

Top 5 AIM Products for Relaxation!

We are constantly bombarded with non-stop information from televisions, computer screens, radios and our mobile phones. It’s enough to make you want to live on a deserted island in a shack made out of coconuts.  But most of us have families, duties, careers and loved ones that mean more to us then the possibility ofContinue reading “Top 5 AIM Products for Relaxation!”

AIM Has Been Selling Alkaline Water for Years

If you’ve spent any time in your local health food store, you may have noticed the shimmering bottles of alkaline water near the checkout stand.  That’s because alkaline water is the latest health craze sweeping the nation. The popularity of alkaline water stems from the same driving force behind the alkaline diet. Basically, acidic foodsContinue reading “AIM Has Been Selling Alkaline Water for Years”

Another Study Links Magnesium to Migraine Relief

Millions and millions of people suffer from migraine headaches.  Besides for the obvious aching-head symptom, migraines may also cause nausea, vomiting and light sensitivity. Although the underlying cause of migraines isn’t yet understood, it is generally believed they are somehow related to both environmental and genetic factors as well as excitability in the brain. Scientists have notContinue reading “Another Study Links Magnesium to Migraine Relief”