Life Is Sweet

by Leré Robinson, Star Sapphire Director and Nutrition Consultant With the sugar frenzy in North America at the end of October, I thought it would be fitting to take a quick look at sugar, an addictive substance found in all man-made, processed foods. It’s in everything! The more you eat, the more you want! The average American consumes 48 teaspoons of sugarContinue reading “Life Is Sweet”

The Berry Best of CranVerry+

AIM did, of course, which is why CranVerry+ was made available to Members worldwide, and most recently available again in Canada. Many Members have made CranVerry+ a supplemental necessity. Its unique combination of cranberry extract, mangosteen extract, beta-glucanase and resveratrol is ideal for maintaining urinary tract health. But more and more research indicates there’s so much more to this little red berry than meets theContinue reading “The Berry Best of CranVerry+”

Alex Frisk: AIM-Sponsored Athlete

The AIM Companies is pleased to welcome aboard a newly sponsored athlete. Twenty-two-year-old Alexandra Frisk is a hockey goalie from Langley, British Columbia, and presently studying in Alberta at Red Deer College, where she plays for the RDC Queens ice hockey team. Among Alex’s many sport achievements, her most recent was being selected to play on the Canadian senior women’s inlineContinue reading “Alex Frisk: AIM-Sponsored Athlete”

Discovering AIM Is the Answer

Shared by Linda Cole, Royal Emerald Director in Arlington, Washington It was twenty years ago in October when Linda Cole was diagnosed with invasive stage 2 breast cancer. A marble-sized lump had to be surgically removed. Then came one of the most important decisions of her life: followup chemotherapy and radiation or natural treatments. Linda decided to find natural therapies to help preventContinue reading “Discovering AIM Is the Answer”

In Top Form with AIM Nutrition During Twelve-Hour Days on Set

You might recognize AIM Member Ann Mahoney from her role on AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead, or you might have seen her in film like Big Momma’s House 2 or Barefoot. You’ll soon be able to watch her in season seven of The Walking Dead, CMT’s upcoming Million Dollar Quartet where she plays Elvis’s mom, Gladys Presley, andContinue reading “In Top Form with AIM Nutrition During Twelve-Hour Days on Set”

Living Life as a Legacy

Bill and Sally Creed of Capetown, South Africa, reached the Million Dollar Club in April 2016. There are plans for an official induction at the 2017 AIM Celebration, June 15-19, in Nashville, Tennessee. Living Well magazine spoke with Sally about this landmark achievement. Sally Creed is a qualified nutritional therapist who completed a post-graduate degree in clinical nutrition at the Academy of Nutrition in Australia.Continue reading “Living Life as a Legacy”

Personal Connections Are the Glue That Holds a Business Together

Shared by Sandy and Wayne Combs, AIM Chairman’s Club Directors Many in my AIM organization who became Members in 1985 have aged out— graduated to heaven. I decided that I need to start building with new, younger Members. Relationships have to be built. With me, personal calls, personal contacts are what make that happen. The AIM website has so much good information onContinue reading “Personal Connections Are the Glue That Holds a Business Together”

Why Aren’t Seniors Getting Enough Protein?

Although the daily protein requirements for seniors are still under debate in the scientific community, there are plenty of studies that indicate that those older than 65 aren’t getting enough. Protein is important for maintaining muscle mass, strength, bone health and quality of life, all issues that affect seniors most. Protein is one of those macronutrients thatContinue reading “Why Aren’t Seniors Getting Enough Protein?”

Study Finds Fatty Acids May Improve Reading Skills

Reading books is one of the all-time great pastimes. You can enjoy the same stories that your ancestors pored over hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Books can illuminate the past and help you imagine a brighter future. However, reading doesn’t always come easy. It takes a lot of practice, and children can struggle with it for various reasons.Continue reading “Study Finds Fatty Acids May Improve Reading Skills”

Study Links CoQ10 to Fewer Wrinkles

We use our faces every day. Faces house four of our five senses and represent us on our identification cards, but as we age, the constant usage begins to show. Our skin gets drier, thinner and less elastic.  When it gets damaged, it takes longer to repair. All of these factors contributes to wrinkles. To say wrinklesContinue reading “Study Links CoQ10 to Fewer Wrinkles”