Life Is Sweet


by Leré Robinson, Star Sapphire Director and Nutrition Consultant

With the sugar frenzy in North America at the end of October, I thought it would be fitting to take a quick look at sugar, an addictive substance found in all man-made, processed
foods. It’s in everything!

The more you eat, the more you want! The average American consumes 48 teaspoons of sugar (194 g) daily. Current recommendations from The World Health Organization (WHO) recommend reducing our daily sugar intake to less than 25 g.

Refined sugar is not your friend. It causes your blood sugar to spike, promotes fat storage around your tummy and suppresses the immune system.

Have a sweet tooth? Opt for raw fruits like berries, apples, pears and homemade date balls instead of candy.

Eat More Raw Foods to Boost the Immune System
The stronger your immune system, the better chance your body has to resist and fight disease. A diet high in raw, alkaline foods is of extreme importance for proper immune function. Here are three things that you can do on a daily basis to keep healthy:

  1. Drink freshly extracted juices. My personal favorite is the AIM Garden Trio andLeafGreens.
  2. Enjoy a raw salad as a meal with a variety of greens, red, yellow and orange bell peppers, cucumbers, avocado and other raw veggies or try eating something raw before each meal.
  3. Consider a smoothie with raw fruits, good fats, fiber and a plant-based vegan protein powder like ProPeas. It’s such an awesome way to get pre-digested nutrition into the body. And no other protein powder beats ProPeas.

Try Not to Neglect the Good Fats
Make it your goal to consume at least one of these foods a day: salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, trout, nuts and seeds, avocado, chia, flax and hemp seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, olives and cold-pressed olive oil.

When the body doesn’t get the correct essential fatty acids, it cannot make hormones called prostaglandins, which help regulate inflammation in the body. A deficiency in prostaglandins can lead to a breakdown in the immune system.

And remember, laughter, joy and peace boost the immune system, so make all three daily experiences.

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The Berry Best of CranVerry+


AIM did, of course, which is why CranVerry+ was made available to Members worldwide, and most recently available again in Canada.

Many Members have made CranVerry+ a supplemental necessity. Its unique combination of cranberry extract, mangosteen extract, beta-glucanase and resveratrol is ideal for maintaining urinary tract health. But more and more research indicates there’s so much more to this little red berry than meets the eye.

Investigations presented at the Cranberry Health Research Conference 2015 reveal that the unique compounds in cranberries known as polyphenols are beneficial for the entire body: more specifically, for the brain, gut, heart and immune system.

CranVerry+ is packed with proanthocyanidins (PACs), cranberry polyphenols of the flavonoid family. Lead author of the Impact of Cranberries on Gut Microbiota and Cardiometabolic Health, Jeffrey Blumberg determined “. . . cranberry polyphenols may interact with other bioactive compounds in cranberries that could protect the gut microbiota, and provide antioxidant and antiinflammatory functions that benefit the cardiovascular system, metabolism and immune function.”

As for gut health, evidence indicates the microbiome (gut microorganisms) may have a positive effect on brain and immune system health, energy balance in the body and how carbs and fats are used. That’s a mouthful without the cranberries. But adding the bioactives of cranberries may make the system that defends the gut even stronger, providing even more protection against infection.

Even if you get lost wading through the research details, the moral of the story is that cranberries are good for people: big time. And CranVerry+ makes it simple to benefit from cranberries without having to eat or drink daily mouthfuls. One CranVerry+ capsule a day can help to keep the body healthily in play.

Alex Frisk: AIM-Sponsored Athlete


The AIM Companies is pleased to welcome aboard a newly sponsored athlete. Twenty-two-year-old Alexandra Frisk is a hockey goalie from Langley, British Columbia, and presently studying in Alberta at Red Deer College, where she plays for the RDC Queens ice hockey team.

Among Alex’s many sport achievements, her most recent was being selected to play on the Canadian senior women’s inline (roller) hockey team. In June 2016, the world championship was held in Italy, where Team Canada took home gold in the final against Team USA.

Her fascination with the game began around the age of seven, when her dad taught her to play ice hockey. It wasn’t long before Alex was playing boys’ roller hockey and then on to girls’ hockey teams. “I’ve played all over North America on both American and Canadian teams,” Alex stated. Along the way, she received numerous accolades, including top goalie awards, a silver medal and a scholarship player award.

But her life hasn’t been only about school and hockey. Alex is also involved with her church, volunteering for mission trips in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

In the summer of 2015, Alex began using AIM products when she had to have her wisdom teeth removed by her dentist, Dr. Lanny Donald, Chairman’s Club Director. “I took BarleyLife before and after surgery. Everything went well, and there were no complications,” Alex explained. “I took BarleyLife three to four times a day for a week and recovered really fast.”

Along with helping the healing process, Alex found that her energy levels increased and her mind was more focused. “I decided to continue taking BarleyLife because I wasn’t taking any vitamins. I knew it also had a lot of other nutrients that would help me as a student athlete.”

In the fall, Alex returned to Alberta, studying pre-optometry and playing goalie for her college team that would go on to win the 2015-2016 ACAC championship. “I had also started taking the Sports Pack—Peak Endurance, ProPeas and Red Rush—to help me with the academic and athletic demands. They really made a difference. I was the top goalie.”

Unfortunately, like many students, Alex ran short of money and was unable to keep ordering AIM products. “My game changed completely, and I definitely noticed a decrease in my performance.”

This past summer, Alex worked two jobs, seven days a week, to save up for her studies and athletics. Her sponsor, Lanny Donald, gave Alex AIM products.

Now as an AIM-sponsored athlete, Alex Frisk is regularly provided the nutrition she needs to stay at the top of her game as she aims for the 2017 Team Canada Trials and the next world championship.

Discovering AIM Is the Answer


Shared by Linda Cole, Royal Emerald Director in Arlington, Washington

It was twenty years ago in October when Linda Cole was diagnosed with invasive stage 2 breast cancer. A marble-sized lump had to be surgically removed. Then came one of the most important decisions of her life: followup chemotherapy and radiation or natural treatments.
Linda decided to find natural therapies to help prevent the return of this life-threatening disease even though her husband, Dave, was a pharmaceutical representative. She and Dave sadly remembered her friend, Jonni, who had lung cancer and died within a year after many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. The Cole’s prayers to find alternative treatments led them on a journey through a maze of purported solutions. Linda and Dave finally made their way out of this labyrinth through the open door of The AIM Companies.

“Dave knew it was essential to take things that are bioavailable,” Linda explained. “The abundant nutrients and alkaline nature of BarleyLife helped to create a body pH that cancer cannot survive in. And taking most of the other AIM products, especially Herbal Fiberblend, all this time has helped to make me a cancer victor.”

Reflecting on past health issues, Linda knows that there were early warning signs that went unrecognized. “It takes a long time for cancer to show up, and I was ignorant about health problems that I considered normal but were anything but normal: allergies, being overweight, digestive problems, osteoporosis, stress,” Linda said. “And I didn’t know anything about body pH. That all changed on the journey to discovering AIM BarleyLife.”

For two decades, Linda has remained in good health, and she never takes it for granted. “These days, I am elated, excited and grateful more than ever before and more dedicated in our purpose of helping others stay healthy,” Linda exclaimed. “Twenty years is a huge amount of time to remain cancerfree, especially when you hear of so many people who experience a recurrence. Rose Bird has provided the most influential support to help me stay on track these past twenty years. It is vital to never stop taking AIM products like BarleyLife and making healthy food choices. In other words, ‘ignore your health, and it will go away.’”

In this day and age, a person can search and find answers online for just about everything. But they are not always beneficial for maintaining good health. Linda found the right answer with AIM’s natural health products. At seventy-two years young, she is on no medications and offers the following advice: Don’t settle for a life of aches and pains and symptoms. Get onboard with AIM and see how great you will feel too!

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results that everyone can achieve.


In Top Form with AIM Nutrition During Twelve-Hour Days on Set


You might recognize AIM Member Ann Mahoney from her role on AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead, or you might have seen her in film like Big Momma’s House 2 or Barefoot. You’ll soon be able to watch her in season seven of The Walking Dead, CMT’s upcoming Million Dollar Quartet where she plays Elvis’s mom, Gladys Presley, and with Renee Zellweger this spring in the film Same Kind of Different. Additionally, she has five television shows that she created/wrote in the works. Ann has been recently sponsored by The AIM Companies.

By AIM Member Ann Mahoney from New Orleans, Louisiana

AIM Director Kathryn Tiki McIntyre is my personal trainer, and she gave me some CoCoa LeafGreens after a particularly hard workout one day. It was delicious, and it helped me get my energy back. Then she recommended the Garden Trio—RediBeets, Just Carrots and BarleyLife—and I started drinking that every morning. I noticed a big difference in my health and my energy. Tiki also used the Magnificence spray on my muscles when I was suffering from soreness after a rough several weeks on set; it worked instantly.

I took vitamins before, but I always felt like they upset my stomach and then didn’t have the kind of benefit I wanted. I wanted to do juicing, but with my schedule, I just couldn’t do it on a regular basis.

Here is what I notice: because I am drinking my vitamins with the AIM products now, my stomach doesn’t get upset, and I feel a longer-lasting effect from the juices. Sometimes, if I am really pressed for time, I just drink some juice for a meal, and it sustains me until I can put a healthy snack together.

A typical day on set can last about twelve hours, though we sometimes have shorter days. But I don’t know if there is ever anything typical about a day on the set of The Walking Dead! LOL! It’s a full day, in the heat, in Georgia, in the summer. A lot of my character’s stuff is emotional, so I need to be in top form and not rundown. Sometimes we start very early in the morning; sometimes we shoot overnight. But we always have to be at the top of our game, and the show is super intense. The overnight shoot where we were running, jumping, slashing zombies for twelve hours was pretty extreme. And hot. But everyone rallied, and it was an awesome act of teamwork.

Nutrition is vital for my work, especially now that I am working on two TV shows and a few movies all at once and traveling a lot. It is important that I keep my health in check. Also, I don’t like to eat anything super-heavy when I am shooting because it slows me down and makes me sleepy. The AIM products are perfect for sustaining my energy, giving me perfect baseline nutrition and keeping me healthy. I don’t really have time to be sick.

I love CoCoa LeafGreens, BarleyLife, RediBeets, Just Carrots, Red Rush, Herbal Fiberblend and Mag-nificence. The RediBeets and Red Rush have been super helpful when I am dragging due to lack of sleep and too much travel. BarleyLife improves my daily energy by such a noticeable amount; if I DON’T drink it, I really miss it.

Living Life as a Legacy


Bill and Sally Creed of Capetown, South Africa, reached the Million Dollar Club in April 2016. There are plans for an official induction at the 2017 AIM Celebration, June 15-19, in Nashville, Tennessee. Living Well magazine spoke with Sally about this landmark achievement.

Sally Creed is a qualified nutritional therapist who completed a post-graduate degree in clinical nutrition at the Academy of Nutrition in Australia. She is the author of ten books including Let Food Be Your Medicine and The Real Meal Revolution. The latter title sold several hundred thousand copies and won the 2014 Book of the Year Nielson Award. Sally also earned a doctorate as an herbal physician, travels the world giving talks and runs a successful practice.

“In 1997, I needed progesterone cream for my patients, and I stumbled onto The AIM Companies for that reason. I built my AIM business because the products were so good, and people came to me thick and fast when they found out that the products worked. I also trained my downline flat-out and taught them all I knew – which meant they grew fast.

“Renewed Balance helps menopause, infertility and PMS, and anything that helps a woman is valuable! I had one woman who told me how the cream had transformed her intimate life and how good she felt. I discovered later that she was using it on her entire body each night! I feel most of the products are superb, but AIM’s Bear Paw Garlic is probably my favorite due to the effect it has on infection.

“My motto is to live my life as a legacy, to leave something of value behind. Every day, I try and make a difference—no matter how small—in someone’s life. It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of a great company like AIM, and reaching the Million Dollar Club is absolutely astonishing. I wish I knew where all the money went!”

Personal Connections Are the Glue That Holds a Business Together


Shared by Sandy and Wayne Combs, AIM Chairman’s Club Directors

Many in my AIM organization who became Members in 1985 have aged out— graduated to heaven. I decided that I need to start building with new, younger Members.

Relationships have to be built. With me, personal calls, personal contacts are what make that happen. The AIM website has so much good information on products and business. Getting information to a prospect isn’t difficult like it was in the 1980s.

Personal connection is the glue. Even a call just to say “hi” and ask about the family dog is important, and calling regularly to ask them if they need to order is time that’s worth its weight in gold. Last month, I mailed postcards and sent emails without getting much response in downline orders.

However, on the day of the month-end cutoff, after 8:00 p.m., I called four of my downline and asked if they needed to place an order. Each phone call lasted twenty to thirty minutes. They often ask questions, especially about products like Para 90. All four ordered online that night. A couple of them gave me their credit card information, so that I could place their orders for them. These were prime candidates for the Automatic Monthly Reorder (AMR) program because they had run out of products and kept forgetting to order.

Now, I have created a system. I make sure to text them often to remind them to take their products. Building personal connections is the glue and the “growth food” for an AIM business. From now on when I send out a mailing, I make a phone call asking them to watch the mail for what I’ve sent. And I will let them know that I will call them back to see if they have any questions after reading it.