The Great Wheelbarrow Race Brings Opportunities and Red Rush Awareness

RR Awareness

Shared by Nikola Wilkie, AIM Star Sapphire Director

Recently I had the opportunity to volunteer my professional massage services to a group of bravados participating in an annual fundraiser called The Great Wheelbarrow Race. This year, forty-two teams of ten pushed their barrows along the historical gold mining path of yesteryear, which is now the main road from Mareeba to Chillagoe. Jumping in and out of a minibus that carried each team, they relayed with runs of twenty to thirty seconds. It is exhausting to run without the action of your arms and a precarious business climbing on and off a moving vehicle.

I took along five boxes of Red Rush and offered a bottle to anyone who gave a donation to my selected charity. The competitors ranged from elite athletes to the unfit, who thought they would just give it a go for the sake of charity. It’s a funny thing with Red Rush because the effect is profound but very gentle. Some people find it difficult to give direct credit to simply having more oxygen in their muscles. Unless they have a comparison, they don’t realize the strength of the change; they only notice that the exercise was easier. However, there were quite a few who came back for more.

A few serious athletes who tried the Red Rush were in training for the Asia-Pacific IronMan held in Cairns each year in June. Leo, a runner, does a 1¾-hour circuit regularly. With one bottle of Red Rush, he took six minutes off his circuit time. He said extra training for six months would have been needed to build enough strength to reduce his time by that much.

Aaron tried Red Rush only once and then used it before he competed in a Mountain Bike Challenge. His response to my question of how he managed the grueling 35km rural, reef and rainforest track, he said, “Did it quicker and climbed all hills 18 minutes faster. Am I fitter or did Red Rush help me? Probably both. I took two bottles, one bottle two hours before the race and one at the start of the race.”

I have worked as a naturopath in Cairns for twenty years and have been sharing the ideas behind the Healthy Cell Concept through Living Well information sessions. Those interested in improving their health, needing support and wanting to learn more about how to stay on track come along for just an hour each week. It’s a great way to encourage each other.

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