Messy in the Middle

By Cheryl Lucas Chairman’s Club Director  When I have written or spoken about my AIM journey previously I tended to focus on my road to Chairman’s Club or the beginning stages of my journey as a business owner partnering with The AIM Companies. This time as I sat down to write it was different. I kept thinkingContinue reading “Messy in the Middle”

AIM Nutrition Helped Me Through RA and Surgeries

As an Internationally Certified Prevention Coordinator, I know a lot about avoiding disease, but I never expected that rheumatoid arthritis and two cervical surgeries would be in my future. I had tried to do all the right things to stay healthy, but when horrible pain left me pacing and moaning at night, I knew that this was something more than what my chiropractorContinue reading “AIM Nutrition Helped Me Through RA and Surgeries”

For Healthy Lunches

    by Leré Robinson, Star Sapphire Director and Nutrition Consultant This month I want to share some helpful information about healthy lunches, which not only apply to children but also to those who work and desire to pack a nutritious lunch. Today, so many kids eat unhealthy lunches, yet parents still expect their children’s brains to function properly. In their book,Continue reading “For Healthy Lunches”

Healthy Aging

Is it really true that if you have your health, you have everything? The answer may depend on the people you ask, especially those who go through life suffering from long-term ailments or coping with life-threatening illnesses. What it may boil down to is that you can have all the luxuries that money can buy, but if youContinue reading “Healthy Aging”

See Every Obstacle as a Challenge

Chairman’s Club Directors Joan and Chris van Rensburg were inducted into AIM’s Two Million Dollar Club at the AIM Conference in Branson. Joan is a world-renowned health consultant with over twenty years of experience. She’s helped countless people improve their health and their lives. She’s a crusader for women’s health issues and practices from Eastleigh Womens’ Health Center in Pretoria, South Africa. Joan becameContinue reading “See Every Obstacle as a Challenge”

Probiotics Linked to Weight Loss Yet Again!

If you’re currently engaged in a “battle against the bulge,” then it might be high-time you started taking probiotics, at least if a study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition has anything to say about it. Probiotics, as you may well know, are cultured, live beneficial bacteria that help the bodyContinue reading “Probiotics Linked to Weight Loss Yet Again!”

The Good-News Folate Update

If you’re a folate fan,–and I mean how could you not be?–then the news has been awash with goodness.  Two studies have been released that suggest folate plays a larger role in overall health than we once believed. But first some context! Folate is a B vitamin (B9) commonly found in vegetables like barley grassContinue reading “The Good-News Folate Update”

Herbal Strategies for Women’s Health

If you’re starting menopause or think you’re about to, then we have good news. Statistically speaking, it’s not going to wreck your life. If you think menopause is going to cause weight gain, steal your muscle tone or thin out your hair, those symptoms are largely caused by the aging process and menopause not soContinue reading “Herbal Strategies for Women’s Health”

Are Hormones Hindering Your Weight-Loss Goals?

As people age, fat tends to build up around the midsection. For some, the reason is clear. We sneak one too many brownies at the church potluck, or the only time we spend with our exercise bike is wiping away the cobwebs with an old rag. But there are others who eat a strict regimenContinue reading “Are Hormones Hindering Your Weight-Loss Goals?”

Plant Protein Linked to a Longer Life

If you like living, then you’ll love living longer, and according to a new study in JAMA Internal Medicine, eating adequate amounts of plant protein may be the way to put more gold in your golden years. This very large, very comprehensive study examined the 30 years of data in the National Health Survey andContinue reading “Plant Protein Linked to a Longer Life”