Messy in the Middle


By Cheryl Lucas Chairman’s Club Director 

When I have written or spoken about my AIM journey previously I tended to focus on my road to Chairman’s Club or the beginning stages of my journey as a business owner partnering with The AIM Companies.

This time as I sat down to write it was different. I kept thinking about an interesting place in my journey.  The middle.  Around the same time I was reading a book by Brene Brown and I read something she had written that stood out  “The middle is messy but its also where the magic happens.”  This made so much sense!  Let me tell you about how I found the “mystery in my middle”

The beginning of most journey’s are filled with new experiences, excitement and wonder.   The beginning of my journey was much the same.   I have clear and wonderful memories and experiences that today 20 years later continue to inspire and encourage me to keep on moving forward.

What I never anticipated or fully understood was what it would take and require from me to sustain a growing business.  As I moved on in my journey there was an internal tension that emerged and interestingly hasn’t subsided as I moved through the different stages of growth personally and professionally.  It has been an ongoing process, filled with learning’s, celebrations, wins and yes those uncomfortable revelations about myself around what I did not know.  Each new phase brought new revelations and development points.

I have always had an internal drive and curiosity to uncover the things that were hindering or interfering with me and my business growing and moving forward. This drive allowed me to embrace the “messy” and dive into learn about what I was going through and how I could navigate the uncertainty and the uncomfortable-ness of growing a business and developing personally.

I cant tell you how many times when things were feeling tough I would step back and say “this is not what I signed up for.” Hindsight now allows me to see that in the midst of the mess “the mystery“ of my passion and calling were brought to the fore, even though it was not immediately recognisable.

In the middle I had a revelation that business is life and life is business.  I also realised the current state of a business is a metaphor for the life of the owner or leader.

Wow!  Convergence! My inner drive to develop, grow myself and help others do the same coupled with my love for all things entrepreneurial finally made sense to me.

Businesses, irrespective of the type or size are about its people, as people are the creators of culture. Meaning the condition of hearts and minds of the people and more specifically the owners and leaders of the business are what informs and influences culture.  The culture of a business ultimately creates the future and longevity of businesses.

I wanted to support others create a culture of honor and excellence in their lives so they could live the best life possible for them!  As I continued to support business owners and leaders in growing and cultivating their businesses based on a culture of honor, excellence and integrity my passion grew.  I then started to notice whilst most people started off well with this as their vision in the beginning…. as they got to the middle  …..  they got stuck in the messy and didn’t always make it through.

I asked myself the question: If operating from a culture of honor and excellence is so valuable how come most business owners and leaders don’t operate this way?

I realised the answer is complex, however it can also be answered simply.  The monetary investment is low, however the personal price is too high – it is way beyond what most are prepared to pay, it means letting go of comfort zones, facing and conquering limits imposed by our thinking patterns, values, socialization and choosing to take a road less travelled.

My awareness’ around the growing of a sustainable business then came fast, it was not related to a specific kind of business or to people.  However, it was specific to each individual business owner or leader, this was about the personal growth and skills development of the individual. This was “personal”. It was transformation on a mental and emotional level that changed everything and it was a conscious choice I was required to make  .No one else could make the choice for me or do the follow through for me.

 This led to the development of a business system that I’ve successfully implemented in all sizes and types of businesses and organisations in the public and private sectors.    At the heart of this system is the developing of business owners, leaders and their teams with the intention of unearthing their passion and calling, while growing successful sustainable businesses. Whilst I have three established businesses the Minding your own Business™ is the framework that brings them all to life and ensures their sustainability.  Whilst the system has been developed for business owners in my network marketing business MLM and direct selling world. I see how it transforms people no matter where they are planted.

So many years on, challenges still arise, different ones and these still create uncomfortable moments.  I now know these are growth moments.  So what I want to do is encourage you. Are you in the messy middle? Are you in a development and growth moment?  If so , keep going and keep in mind in this growth moment is the discovery of your mystery.  Are you willing to open yourself up to grow yourself so you can keep moving through?

 I want to encourage you to reconnect with why you started out on the Aim journey and remind you Your business will not grow unless you choose to grow as a person.   If you want to lead others, you have to lead yourself first.

I want to encourage you with my story of how I found my mystery in the middle .

Cheryl is a Transformational Coach, Coach Trainer and Business Development specialist.  Her passions is to equip individuals, businesses and organisations to thrive in all areas of life and in Body, Soul and Spirit. 


AIM Nutrition Helped Me Through RA and Surgeries


As an Internationally Certified Prevention Coordinator, I know a lot about avoiding disease, but I never expected that rheumatoid arthritis and two cervical surgeries would be in my future. I had tried to do all the right things to stay healthy, but when horrible pain left me pacing and moaning at night, I knew that this was something more than what my chiropractor could fix.

Two surgeries later, I was beginning to feel like myself again, but the surgeries weren’t the only assistance that enabled me to get back to my busy schedule. I faithfully drank BarleyLife in juice every morning and made sure that Frame Essentials were a part of a twice-daily regimen.

I am pretty confident the cadaver bone they used to fix my neck got along with my own cervical bone because of good nutritional supplementation from BarleyLife and Frame Essentials. Unfortunately, I may have waited a little too long to have the repair surgery, and there seemed to be permanent nerve damage in my right hand. I have been steadfast in continuing my nutritional regimen and increased the number of Frame Essentials at my sister’s urging, and the rewards are beginning to show.

My inflammation rate has been normal when visiting my rheumatologist, and I was told that I am in remission from my rheumatoid arthritis. I am playing my violin again, almost impossible several months ago, and the feeling is steadily returning to my fingers. I also take fit ‘n fiber and Herbal Fiberblend together before dinner. It is helping me lose some weight and keep the toxins from building up in my body. A lean body is important with RA to reduce pressure on the joints.

Since the AIM Conference in Branson, I have become excited about ProPeas and Just Carrots as well and have recently added them to boost my immune system and keep my autoimmune disorder from winning. I love my AIM products and hope to introduce many people to their healthy benefits.

For Healthy Lunches




by Leré Robinson, Star Sapphire Director and Nutrition Consultant

This month I want to share some helpful information about healthy lunches, which not only apply to children but also to those who work and desire to pack a nutritious lunch.

Today, so many kids eat unhealthy lunches, yet parents still expect their children’s brains to function properly. In their book, Smart Food for Smart Kids, Patrick Holford and Fiona McDonald Joyce acknowledged, “Many lunchboxes contain white bread sandwiches, chocolates, cookies, chips, and fizzy, sugary drinks. This nutrient-poor, addictive, fat and sugar-laden collection may go down well on the playground, but it may also affect your child’s behavior and ability to learn.” But children who eat healthy, raw, live foods:

  • experience less fatigue
  • have more energy and concentrate better at school
  • are fit for all their physical activities and have a lower obesity rate

A little planning and creativity is all that’s needed for your children to enjoy lunches that are healthy and also fun to eat!

Good Nutrition
Encourage kids to eat a wide variety of foods from each food group. This is key. As they say, “Variety is the spice of life.”
Fruits and Vegetables: at least two portions in their lunchbox each day

  •  Beans and Lentils: make meatballs and include lentils, chickpea and vegetable patties
  •  Cereals: whole-grain or gluten-free brown rice pasta, brown or wild rice, quinoa, millet
  • Marinated oven-baked chicken breast: cut into strips/or alternatives
  • Dairy Alternatives: natural coconut milk yogurt, almond milk and coconut milk kefir
  • Good Fats (crucial to a healthy brain!): avocados, unsalted raw nuts and seeds, homemade hummus and olives

Great Ideas
Kids enjoy variety and love surprises. Try to move away from the age-old sandwich.

  • Whole-grain tortilla chips with avocado dip, hummus and homemade salsa
  • Whole-grain mini pitas filled with veggies and some baked chicken pieces
  • Tub of carrot salad with nuts and raisins (Note: salads are an easy way to get veggies, fruit and good fats into kids)
  •  Small tubs of different veggies
  • Small tub of colorful berries, frozen grapes and coco bites/date balls
  • Nut and seed butters, such as almond, cashew and sunflower with apple slices


Allowing children to choose and prepare their own lunch piques interest in the meal and makes it more likely kids will eat their own creations. Include your kids in the grocery shopping to choose foods that are part of a healthy diet. When they are part of shopping and making lunch boxes, they are more apt to eat their healthy lunches and not trade them with the child next to them.

Healthy Aging


Is it really true that if you have your health, you have everything?
The answer may depend on the people you ask, especially those who go through life suffering from long-term ailments or coping with life-threatening illnesses. What it may boil down to is that you can have all the luxuries that money can buy, but if you are chronically ill, all the stuff in the world will not have as much value as good health. That’s why the words “healthy aging” make a lot of sense. Living a lifetime in good physical and mental health may be the greatest gift that you give yourself.

Many things in life are beyond your control. Although it may seem as though health is one of those many things, you can have an incredible amount of control over the physical and mental state of your body.

It all begins in the cells: what you feed them, how much exercise you give them, the kind of environment you subject them to, the amount of protection you provide and the influence you have over them with your state of mind. Keeping all five factors on the positive side is the AIM of the Healthy Cell Concept. And you are never too young or too old to be on the healthy-aging path.

Perhaps the most important step to aging well is the food choices you make. When you feed your body nutrient-rich, whole food, you allow it to repair and replicate healthy cells. New cells are continuously reproduced throughout a lifetime, each with different sizes, shapes and jobs. For example, cells that are responsible for building muscle will excel when given healthy building-block sources of protein in sufficient amounts.

Since 1982, The AIM Companies has been in the business of providing nutrition that works perfectly into the concept of maintaining healthy cells. The variety of supplemental food choices from AIM is unparalleled: whole-food concentrates that help maintain whole-body health and supplements for specific targets of health improvement. Integrating them into your food intake may be the best step you take on the path toward healthy aging.

See Every Obstacle as a Challenge

Living Well

Chairman’s Club Directors Joan and Chris van Rensburg were inducted into AIM’s Two Million Dollar Club at the AIM Conference in Branson. Joan is a world-renowned health consultant with over twenty years of experience. She’s helped countless people improve their health and their lives. She’s a crusader for women’s health issues and practices from Eastleigh Womens’ Health Center in Pretoria, South Africa.

Joan became involved with AIM nineteen years ago. She didn’t know that there was money to be made, but it soon became a business by default. “My inspiration has always been a love of people,” Joan said. Because of her ability to inspire and her warmth, Joan became a leader and devised the Chrysalis Networx network marketing training program.

“I had a vision and dream to empower and equip other leaders, so we can grow together,” she said. “The big thing is to strive to stay relevant, to have hope and envision a brighter future. We need to embrace the business side of AIM. I saw a lack there, and I envisioned myself helping others gain business skills. I believe everyone in the AIM family benefits when we empower each other. Leadership shouldn’t be about empowering yourself. It’s about empowering others who can be even greater leaders. My passion is to raise up leaders.”

One of the effective lessons that Joan teaches future leaders is called the seven Ps. It’s an outline of the skills and tools necessary for success.

  • Know the Purpose and plan that God has for your life
  •  You need to have a love of People
  • You need to have Patience
  •  Be Persistent
  • Persevere in business
  • Always have a Positive attitude
  • Passion, Passion, Passion

“I would firstly like to honor God for His Grace and Provision in our family’s lives. All of us go through many trials and tribulations through life, but He promises all things will work together for good to those who love the Lord. I would like to thank my husband, Chris, and our two sons for their support. I would like to thank the owners of AIM, Dennis and Kay Itami and Ron and Opal Wright, for affording people this amazing opportunity. Thank you to my mentors, Jim and Carolyn Kling, for their loyal friendship and support.

“Thank you to all my upline, downline, AIM staff and my personal friends and family, and lastly to all the new wonderful friends I have had the joy and privilege of connecting with within the AIM ‘family.’ Everyone contributes and plays a significant role in shaping lives and futures. May God’s Hand continue blessing The AIM Companies as we all share in the wonderful reward of making a difference in others’ lives!”



Probiotics Linked to Weight Loss Yet Again!


If you’re currently engaged in a “battle against the bulge,” then it might be high-time you started taking probiotics, at least if a study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition has anything to say about it.

Probiotics, as you may well know, are cultured, live beneficial bacteria that help the body digest and move food through the gut, and they are often recommended for conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive ailments. In the past, probiotics have been linked to weight management, but there haven’t been consistent results throughout all the studies. A new comprehensive study now sheds more light on the subject.

Scientists in China combined the results of 25 randomized human-tested probiotic trials to see if probiotic use impacted the body weight and BMIs of over 1,900 subjects in good health. The researchers found that those who took probiotics had lower BMIs and weighed less, especially those who were overweight at the beginning of the trial. It also seemed that there were additional weight-loss benefits to taking more than one type of probiotic at a time and also using probiotics for longer than 8 weeks.

From Science Daily 

What is significant about this study is, that based on findings from the 25 included trials, the researchers found that consumption of probiotics did lead to a modest decrease in body weight and BMI.

Lead author Qingqing Zhang

The AIM Companies offers FloraFood, made with three powerful strains of beneficial bacteria: Lactobacillus gasseri, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Bifidobacterium longum! Promote optimum digestive health with FloraFood.


The Good-News Folate Update


If you’re a folate fan,–and I mean how could you not be?–then the news has been awash with goodness.  Two studies have been released that suggest folate plays a larger role in overall health than we once believed.

But first some context!

Folate is a B vitamin (B9) commonly found in vegetables like barley grass and beets. Synthetic folate or folic acid is added to bread goods and other foods because its presence helps lower the risk of some birth defects. Folate also plays an important role in cell division and the production of genetic materials.

With all that in mind, it should come as little shock to learn that folate may also slow chronic kidney disease progression. A Chinese study published in JAMA Internal Medicine revealed that test subjects who supplemented with folic acid in addition to their blood pressure medication saw a 21% decrease in the odds of their chronic kidney disease outcome when compared to subjects just taking blood pressure medication.

The study also found that folks with CKD at baseline reduced their risk of disease progression by 56%, were 33% less likely to see a rapid decline in renal function and were 44% less likely to experience a slower decline in renal function when supplementing with folic acid.  The study looked at over 15,000 hypertensives.

Also in the news, a study hailing from South Korea and published in Cancer Research has found that a diet high in folate may reduce the risk of gastric cancer. Test subjects with a  high-folate diet were 30% less likely to be diagnosed with the disease. The scientists also discovered that a diet low in folate actually increased the gastric cancer risk of people who possess certain single nucleotide polymorphisms but increasing dietary folate could mitigate those risks.