Teaching the Virtues of Nutrition and Free Enterprise


Royal Emerald Director Loren Schiele of Dallas, Texas, is the proud father of four grown, successful boys — all raised on BarleyLife and the AIM products and instilled with the virtues of nutrition, hard work and free enterprise.

Loren married his wife Kathleen at age twenty-six. The two were already interested in nutrition before they had their first child. They ate healthy and even made homemade bread. When Kathleen’s father became ill, they learned about the AIM products and phoned AIM for more information. AIM provided Loren with a list of local sponsors who, unfortunately, didn’t return his calls. This shows how important follow-up is, especially considering Loren and Kathleen have reached the Million Dollar Club. So Loren searched online and discovered Star Sapphire Director Marion Hayden who called him back within five minutes.

“She’s been a very, very good sponsor. Every single contact is important. You never know which person is going to take it and turn it into a business,” Loren said. “When I first started, I didn’t intend to be in business. But I had some experiences with MLM and knew the potential and what it was all about.”

In 1995, Loren was given a couple months of free internet service through a coworker’s son, and from that starting point, Loren built his now-flourishing AIM business. Loren and Kathleen’s hard work and business acumen allowed them to teach their children through example.

“They are all pretty much self-starters and self-motivated,” Loren stated. “That was our lifestyle. It’s what we instilled in them. We home-schooled our boys and did everything from an adventure-learning standpoint. We took them to the AIM Conferences because everything was a possible learning experience.”

Their son, Jason, is the youngest firefighter ever in Carollton, Texas, and is currently undertaking paramedic training. Steven won a fellowship at Ohio State University where he’s a grad student studying psychology. Daniel works in marketing and finance for the Fossil Group, and their eldest, Michael, is an information technology whiz for a financial company.

All the boys were raised on BarleyLife and continue to use the AIM products to this day. The three youngest sons enjoy weightlifting and have all used Red Rush and ProPeas.

“I tried to teach them the importance of whole foods and eating as natural as possible,” Loren said. “It was considered a rare treat to eat something that wasn’t a whole food. To make natural foods the norm, that was the biggest thing.”

4 Nutritional Strategies for Men’s Health


#1 Healthy Fats 
The inner workings of omega-3 and -6 are something that men should experience daily as these essential fatty acids (EFAs) work from the inside out, from healthy cell growth, function and repair to youthful looking skin. EFAs can only come from food or supplemental intake. The body goes beyond surviving to thriving with the presence of these healthy fats. Yes! EFA fats are fantastic for a guy’s body. And AIMega’s encapsulated organic seed oils conveniently deliver just the right balanced 2:1 ratio of omega-3 and -6.

#2 Nutritional Greens
An incredible amount of both past and present research shows that health is positively affected by the amount of plantbased food a person consumes, especially in regard to greens. BarleyLife concentrates those benefits in the juice powder of young barley grass — whole food from nature. For guys that don’t eat healthily, BarleyLife contributes a vast improvement in their diets. And for the guys who know the importance of good nutrition and eat well, BarleyLife adds even more to their nutritional profile.

#3  Calming Herbs 
Stress can keep a guy awake at night, and scientific research is proving that sleep deprivation can lead to a number of health issues, including dementia, diabetes and obesity. Getting sufficient sleep may require a few lifestyle changes, such as planning a better sleep schedule and shutting off gadgets before going to bed. And for those nights when the brain won’t turn off, turning to Composure’s non-addictive, herbal formulation can help a guy switch off non-stop mind activity and glide into deep sleep.

#4 Prostate Protection 
It often starts with frequent trips to the bathroom during the night. A common side effect of aging, a man’s prostate begins to enlarge, narrowing the urethral channel and resulting in urination issues. The cause is mostly attributed to the hormonal changes men go through. Residing in the prostate is 5-alphareductase, an enzyme that converts the hormone testosterone into the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Stimulating the growth of prostate cells, DHT is associated with another acronym, BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia, which is a complicated way of saying enlarged prostate gland. ReAssure SP’s key ingredient is saw palmetto berry oil extract, a natural blocker of 5-alpha-reductase activity.

So taking ReAssure SP is a preventative step for men in their forties and fifties to avoid an enlarged prostate. For men in their later years, ReAssure SP can help to alleviate the difficulties with urination as a result of prostate growth.

Finding Opportunities to Grow My Home Business

Shared by Karina Gerhardt-Strachan, AIM Preferred Member 

I have been very fortunate to have grown up with AIM products in our home. My mother, Rica Gerhardt, who is a Director, became an AIM Member back in 1998, and I started taking BarleyLife around the age of seven. In high school and university, I came to realize just how good AIM products were for me as I would rarely get sick. BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend are my staples, but I use many of the AIM products.

In university, my focus was health studies, taking courses in anatomy, nutrition, etc. Consequently, I have a better appreciation for the magnificence that is the human body! Scientifically understanding how nutrition is the foundation of our health, I also came to understand why AIM products work so effectively. So I began to feel comfortable sharing and promoting this healthy nutrition. Many years ago, Dr. Mary Ruth Swope told my mom that she believed we commit a sin if we don’t share the knowledge we have. This quote remains a huge source of inspiration for my mother and me.

Going to the AIM conference in 2015 really set me on fire in terms of connecting the dots in my mind about AIM nutrition. Afterward, I read Green Leaves of Barley and got excited with the idea of becoming an independent distributor for AIM. Having just graduated from university with a degree in Health Studies, I had wanted to get into the master’s program in the fall, but the professor wasn’t taking any new students. This delay turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it gave me the option of taking a year off to put my passion into building my AIM business.

As a result of my family and studies, I’m lucky to be surrounded by like-minded people who are interested in talking about health, including my university classmates. Preferring one-on-one dialogue, I also like to make connections by texting or using Facebook. More often than not, communicating brings up a nugget in regard to people’s health challenges and wanting to feel better. This gives me an opportunity to talk about what I know can help them, such as a reconnecting with a high school friend who had health concerns. Sending datasheets is a great starting point, and I often share product samples in Ziplocs or mail them. I also like kitchen table meetings.

One of the many great things about AIM is that it’s portable. By this I mean, you carry the knowledge in your mind, signing up new Members can happen anywhere you have access to the internet, and the products travel well. And there’s so much support material from AIM: Living Well magazine, Fresh Focus, datasheets, teleclasses and webinars, just to name a few, along with the wealth of information you can tap into at the AIM Academy.

As a business builder, I believe you have an obligation to be there for your downline, investing your energy in them. My mother taught me to create and foster an AIM community with your team and your downline’s circle of friends. You never know who will be the gems that you can work with to grow both your businesses.

Star Sapphire Director Promotion: Rashid Abass


Shared by Star Sapphire Director Rashid Abass 

Some 15 years ago, Chairman’s Club Director Greta Store dropped off a bottle of AIM’s green barley powder (now named AIM BarleyLife) for me to try. My family and I had regained total health through diet, and I reasoned that there was no way it was going to make me feel any better. HOW WRONG I WAS! The next morning, after taking my first serving, I enthusiastically told my wife that I was feeling ‘TEN YEARS YOUNGER!’

During my humble beginnings with Greta, I would order the minimum 6-pack of the green barley powder and AIM Herbal Fiberblend (‘the Dynamic Duo’) which I was led to believe is the way to start on one’s road to better health. I had recourse to paying for AIM products on a monthly credit card basis and I ensured phoning enough folk to generate sales in order to reach my 450 bonus volume points which would promote me to Preferred Member (PFM) in the AIM Member Income Plan.

AIM’s green barley made an immediate noticeable improvement on the health of my clients. I decided that I was going to remain with The AIM Companies for life. Here was a networking company that had the best marketing and remuneration plan. Also, much of AIM’s profits are funneled back to AIM Members in the form of perks!

With much client follow-up and signing up new Members, I
promoted to AIM Star Sapphire Director. What a pleasure! I now enjoy handsome dividends, and I foresee even greater income with less effort, an ideal retirement remuneration plan at my age of 71!

Thank you great Greta; thank you AIM product users, and thank you AIM as I ‘AIM’ for Chairman’s Club and higher!


Some Thoughts on Business Sensibility


Shared by Melanie Anne Zeluf AIM Royal Emerald Director in Camrose, Alberta

First of all, my experience with AIM has been somewhat atypical in that I have been a committed user of the AIM products since 1986 but did not decide to actively pursue the business opportunity until twenty-three years later. My parents and sponsors, Cyril and Jean Smith, almost single-handedly facilitated my promotion to Director in the early years for which I am very grateful.

On the Business Side
One of the key strategic elements is to avoid the pitfall of building your AIM organization linearly to the exclusion of depth. Avoid placing Members predominantly in your first-generation downline. Rather, strategically place them beneath existing downlines, up to and including your 5th generation.

In this way, duplication of yourself — mentoring, teaching, and supporting your downline so that they can do the same to theirs—is key to sustained success. You can only spread yourself so thin.

When you build two-dimensionally, everyone benefits and is positively motivated. The significance of giving equal consideration to generational placement and relational context is critical.

On the Personal Side
It is essential to make a concerted effort to connect with people on a personal level. Respect confidentiality, but make a mental or written note that will enhance your memory about a person’s needs so that you can better serve them at present and in the future. Intent listening skills are integral here.

I like to stress that AIM is an equal-opportunity business. The only prerequisites to success in sharing the AIM products and business opportunity are genuine care and concern for your fellow man, integrity of character in all dealings, willingness to learn about and understand the AIM products and our bodies, and admission to not knowing something but being committed to finding an answer.

I share this by way of encouragement. AIM’s opportunities to success are ever-present and remain undiminished over time. By its very organizational structure and mission statement, AIM exemplifies and is a portal to so many blessings, the tremendous legacy of which is incalculable.