Teaching the Virtues of Nutrition and Free Enterprise

Royal Emerald Director Loren Schiele of Dallas, Texas, is the proud father of four grown, successful boys — all raised on BarleyLife and the AIM products and instilled with the virtues of nutrition, hard work and free enterprise. Loren married his wife Kathleen at age twenty-six. The two were already interested in nutrition before they had their first child. They ate healthyContinue reading “Teaching the Virtues of Nutrition and Free Enterprise”

4 Nutritional Strategies for Men’s Health

#1 Healthy Fats  The inner workings of omega-3 and -6 are something that men should experience daily as these essential fatty acids (EFAs) work from the inside out, from healthy cell growth, function and repair to youthful looking skin. EFAs can only come from food or supplemental intake. The body goes beyond surviving to thriving with the presence of these healthy fats. Yes!Continue reading “4 Nutritional Strategies for Men’s Health”

Finding Opportunities to Grow My Home Business

I have been very fortunate to have grown up with AIM products in our home. My mother, Rica Gerhardt, who is a Director, became an AIM Member back in 1998, and I started taking BarleyLife around the age of seven. In high school and university, I came to realize just how good AIM products were for me as I would rarely getContinue reading “Finding Opportunities to Grow My Home Business”

Star Sapphire Director Promotion: Rashid Abass

Shared by Star Sapphire Director Rashid Abass  Some 15 years ago, Chairman’s Club Director Greta Store dropped off a bottle of AIM’s green barley powder (now named AIM BarleyLife) for me to try. My family and I had regained total health through diet, and I reasoned that there was no way it was going to make me feel any better. HOW WRONG I WAS!Continue reading “Star Sapphire Director Promotion: Rashid Abass”

Some Thoughts on Business Sensibility

Shared by Melanie Anne Zeluf AIM Royal Emerald Director in Camrose, Alberta First of all, my experience with AIM has been somewhat atypical in that I have been a committed user of the AIM products since 1986 but did not decide to actively pursue the business opportunity until twenty-three years later. My parents and sponsors, Cyril and Jean Smith,Continue reading “Some Thoughts on Business Sensibility”