How to Stay Healthy through Life’s Adversities

Shared by Barbara Bird AIM Director in Brights Grove, Ontario Here is a little of what I have learned over the years, right up to how AIM helped me stay healthy through 2015: one of the most difficult years of my life. In June 2006, Rita Vandertil (AIM Star Sapphire Director) convinced me to become an AIM Member even though IContinue reading “How to Stay Healthy through Life’s Adversities”

The Latest Scoop on Fiber

Our favorite carbohydrate is making headlines again. Best known for its ability to promote good digestive health and combat cholesterol, fiber has been one of the main staples of a healthy diet since diets were invented. And yet, still, new discoveries are being made all the time. Here are some of the latest: Fiber May Help Prevent Lung Diseases A study published inContinue reading “The Latest Scoop on Fiber”

I’m Like a Spring Chicken

Today, AIM Member Maria Sipple of Dayton, Ohio is painting her kitchen white with a touch of blue around the trim. She’s seventy-five years old and retired, a mother, married for fifty-four years, who raised five kids and worked part-time jobs at an insurance agency and a bank. She still likes to remain active, doing exercise around the house, visiting her friendsContinue reading “I’m Like a Spring Chicken”

AIMing for a Hip Replacement

Over the past twenty-five years, I’ve had many opportunities to offer consultations to people who were facing physical challenges. I have learned so much about regaining and maintaining health. Personal experience really is the best teacher. About eight years ago, I was on a bicycle outing that ended in a backward fall and a fractured hip. The pins that held my hip togetherContinue reading “AIMing for a Hip Replacement”

Proancynol 2000: When the Show Must Go On

When you are a professional singer, your livelihood depends on the show going on no matter how you feel. That is a major part of being a performer in the music industry. Georgiann Gibson knows this all too well as a soprano who sings classical music. Even so, there are times when her vocal health is challenged. One of the healthContinue reading “Proancynol 2000: When the Show Must Go On”

Celebrate a Healthy Cell Environment with AIM

AIM’s Mission and Promise to You  In April, we celebrate our planet and the diverse and abundant organisms (like us) that are living well thanks to the goodness and bounty of the natural world. So when selecting wholefood nutritional supplements, the first thing you want to do is to make sure that whatever you choose comes direct from nature and doesn’t contain harmfulContinue reading “Celebrate a Healthy Cell Environment with AIM”

Sleep Well and Lose Weight with ProPeas!

It’s been pretty well documented that a lack of sleep can make it harder for a person to lose weight.  Those who don’t acquire adequate shut-eye have a greater propensity to make poor eating decisions, like ravenously devouring dozens of frosted donuts.  Also, research shows that night owls are more likely to indulge in carb-centric midnight snacking. PoorContinue reading “Sleep Well and Lose Weight with ProPeas!”

Vegans May Be Missing These Key Nutrients

Most people aren’t vegans or vegetarians.  A little over 3% of the American population identifies as vegetarian and only about .05% eat a strict vegan diet.  That’s over a million people, and that number is growing. In the last five years, a lot of key research has emerged that’s shown that vegetable-based diets are extremely beneficial.Continue reading “Vegans May Be Missing These Key Nutrients”

Meet the Newest AIM Athlete Sue Phillips-Leclerc

Obstacle course racing is an up-and-coming sport, growing exponentially in popularity. The competition is fierce, but the activity is enjoyable and accessible enough that any fitness-minded person who wants to can sign up and spend an afternoon leaping walls, swinging from monkey bars or crawling through mud beneath barbed wire. In 2011, one million Americans participated in an obstacle course race ofContinue reading “Meet the Newest AIM Athlete Sue Phillips-Leclerc”

Magnesium Linked to Healthier Arteries

Magnesium is essential for heart health. In the past, studies have linked it to a lower risk of coronary heart disease and cardiac arrhythmia, better blood pressure and managing preeclampsia.  Big-time Magnesium lovers may now not be surprised to learn that the wonderful element might also improve arterial health. This good news comes courtesy of  Nutrition Journal.  Researchers tested theContinue reading “Magnesium Linked to Healthier Arteries”