How to Stay Healthy through Life’s Adversities


Shared by Barbara Bird AIM Director in Brights Grove, Ontario

Here is a little of what I have learned over the years, right up to how AIM helped me stay healthy through 2015: one of the most difficult years of my life.

In June 2006, Rita Vandertil (AIM Star Sapphire Director) convinced me to become an AIM Member even though I had no real health issues. I ordered three each of Herbal Fiberblend and BarleyLife. To be perfectly honest, I did not like them. It took a year to finish the canisters. That is when Rita called me and asked if I wanted more.

Later in 2007, my naturopath told me my digestive system was not working very well. After doing some reading, I learned again that my digestion was not good and then discovered something that would help: barley grass powder. So the stuff I actually disliked turned out to be what I really needed. This is where my journey with AIM truly began.

I took BarleyLife faithfully and began to see amazing changes within weeks. I had more energy, so the need to sleep in the afternoon went away. My sinus problems cleared up, and my constant hunger ended. There were changes in my food choices; I enjoyed vegetables a lot more.

In the following weeks, I found myself asking God what He wanted me to do with my life. A teacher by profession but unable to get on the teacher list, I was not content with being an educational assistant. So I prayed, and that was when Rita called to ask me if I wanted to become an AIM Preferred Member. I sensed the Holy Spirit prompting me to do so and to tell others about BarleyLife.

In 2008, I went to the convention in Norfolk, Virginia, and I learned from AIM Chairman’s Club Director Mary Ann Shearer that cravings for sweet things meant I was not eating enough fruit while cravings for salty, fatty things meant I was not getting enough essential fatty acids.

By now, my husband Richard was regularly taking the Garden Trio. Like me, he noticed that he had more energy. Previously, we both would get sick and have to take time off work. That trend stopped, especially for Richard.

As AIM introduced new products over the years, we began taking more ‘Nutrition that Works!’ such as LeafGreens, which reduced my knee pain and Richard’s allergies. Proancynol 2000 and Red Rush helped us to overcome jet lag on our frequent visits to see family in South Africa.

In December 2013, I watched the AIM webinar by AIM Director Celeste Davis on cleansing in the new year. The key was to create a new default: new habits that you do when stress levels rise. This provided me with healthy habits that I applied throughout 2014.

This lifestyle came in handy as both of our children decided to get married in May 2015: two weddings in the same month! During the months leading up to the weddings, Richard and I never got sick. But what we did not know at the time was that we were at the beginning of an unimaginable journey.

Richard had his regular medical checkup in early April. A lump in his neck required tests, x-rays and scans. In late May, he was diagnosed with melanoma. Richard went through an operation, radiation and chemotherapy, but the cancer had metastasized to his brain. Throughout this ordeal and until the day God took him from this earth to be with Him, Richard looked well and enjoyed quality of life. I, too, maintained my health and continued to take my Garden Trio, Red Rush, PrepZymes, FloraFood and AIMega.

After the trauma and stress of Richard’s illness and death, my body tried very hard to get sick. My throat was sore and I was really tired, but it never went past that. I believe that I had created a new default, a different system to live my life by, and I was giving my body what it needed to stay healthy.

The Latest Scoop on Fiber


Our favorite carbohydrate is making headlines again. Best known for its ability to promote good digestive health and combat cholesterol, fiber has been one of the main staples of a healthy diet since diets were invented. And yet, still, new discoveries are being made all the time. Here are some of the latest:

Fiber May Help Prevent Lung Diseases

A study published in the January issue of the Annals of the American Thoracic Society examined data gathered in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. They found that of the people who consumed the most fiber, — more than 17.5 grams of fiber daily—68.3% had normal lung function and that only 14.8% had airway restriction. In comparison, of those who consumed the least fiber—less than 10.75 grams—50.1% had normal lung function and 29.8% had airway restriction. The researchers cite fiber’s ability to combat inflammation and regulate the gut microbiome as the source of the possible health benefits.

A Low-Fiber Diet May Damage Gut Flora for Generations

This study comes to us from the July 2015 issue of Nature. Scientists fed mice low-fiber diets and found that certain strains of gut bacteria died off. These bacteria did not reappear when the mice were re-administered a high-fiber diet. After four mouse generations, most of the beneficial strains of gut bacteria had gone extinct due to the low-fiber diets. (This is another good reason for people to take FloraFood, too!)

Avoiding Fiber May Cause Crohn’s Disease to Flare Up

Researchers surveyed over 1,100 Crohn’s Disease sufferers about the behavior of their disease and their diets. From the data that they collated, they were able to determine that patients were approximately 40% less likely to have a disease flare up when they did not avoid high-fiber foods compared to those that did. In general, Crohn’s Disease sufferers who consumed the most fiber were the least likely to have flare ups period, according to the research published in the December 2015 issue of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

More Indication that Fiber Contributes to Weight Loss

According to a story published in the Washington Post, Under Armour—the athletic apparel company—looked at data from 427,000 of its MyFitnessPal app users who lost weight. Those who came closest to their weight-loss goals showed nearly identical data when compared to those who did not achieve optimum weight-loss results: similar calories consumed, protein, fat, carbs and exercise. The only difference, those who slimmed down most ate about 29% more fiber.

The AIM Companies provides fiber through two amazing supplements: Herbal Fiberblend and fit ‘n fiber. Both are effective ways of adding fiber to the diet to aid with weight management and digestive health. They can be combined into one potent super-fiber formula that tastes fantastic!

I’m Like a Spring Chicken

Spring Chicken

Today, AIM Member Maria Sipple of Dayton, Ohio is painting her kitchen white with a touch of blue around the trim. She’s seventy-five years old and retired, a mother, married for fifty-four years, who raised five kids and worked part-time jobs at an insurance agency and a bank. She still likes to remain active, doing exercise around the house, visiting her friends and family and helping her twin sister who has health problems.

“My kids think I’m a tough old bird. I tell them, ‘don’t forget it,’” she said. But for over the last decade, Maria struggled with diabetes and glaucoma, problems that she says she inherited from her father. Her ankles would swell up painfully from the diabetes and pressure had built up around her eyes due to the glaucoma. She was even scheduled for eye surgery.

“I went to my eye doctor. I was supposed to have surgery. They asked me if I wanted to wait three months to see what happened. I said ‘Sure. Who wants to have surgery?’”

About that time, she met with AIM Director Barbara Snodgrass, Maria’s friend since high
school. Barbara shared AIM’s BarleyLife and GlucoChrom, demonstrating how to best use the products.

“Barb was doing well. I just wanted to follow suit,” Maria said.

Around Christmastime, Maria went back to the doctor, and the swelling in her eye had gone down. They told her that she no longer needed the procedure. She attributes her success to the AIM products, specifically BarleyLife and GlucoChrom.

“I was just thrilled which anyone would be. And I am also thrilled about GlucoChrom. I used to have swelling in my ankles from diabetes. Now I have very little swelling. My A1C has gone down, and my doctor even took me off one of my medications. I don’t like to take pills. I wish I could get rid of my diabetes, but I can’t. So I’m just doing what I can.”

Maria has introduced BarleyLife to her children who are also taking it. She now uses Mag-nificence spray and RediBeets. She says she feels more energetic than ever.

“You try to do everything you can to stay in the best health that you can. At my age, who knows what tomorrow is going to bring. So I don’t sit around. I’m like a spring chicken, very happy. The secret of life is to stay as active as you can and do it for yourself. Well, I’m doing it for myself.”

AIMing for a Hip Replacement

Hip Replacment

Over the past twenty-five years, I’ve had many opportunities to offer consultations to people who were facing physical challenges. I have learned so much about regaining and maintaining health. Personal experience really is the best teacher.

About eight years ago, I was on a bicycle outing that ended in a backward fall and a fractured hip. The pins that held my hip together worked perfectly. But last year, they were damaged in a fall from wearing high heels on a bare floor, beginning the onset of trauma-related arthritis in the hip joint.

My orthopedic surgeon said it was an easy thing to fix with a hip replacement. I decided to do some research while increasing certain AIM products to see if I could make a difference. Unfortunately, the damage was too great for nutrition to fully correct. However, the months I spent improving my diet and adjusting my supplement intake contributed to my overall health in anticipation of surgery.

Early on, I doubled my intake of BarleyLife. I have always made my own carrot juice, but this time I discovered the joy of spooning out Just Carrots powder into my glass along with a generous spoonful of RediBeets. It’s so much easier than splashing carrot and beet juice all over the place. The wholefoods of the AIM Garden Trio are delicious together. For good measure, I added two scoops of CalciAIM, an absorbable calcium powder I knew I would need since the surgery involved cutting my leg bone and using it to secure the new hip joint. These four products became my morning “drink” in 32 oz. of distilled water.

On the day of the surgery, I was not allowed anything but clear liquid from midnight until the afternoon operation. Since AIM products have no fiber, mixing them in water produced a liquid packed with nutrition. I wasn’t hungry for a minute.

Taking Herbal Fiberblend while coming up on the surgery prevented any bowel issues afterward. Catheterization during surgery is routine, so I planned on taking two CranVerry+ capsules daily after surgery to prevent urinary tract or bladder infections. What a comfort it is to have a regular arsenal of weapons to protect me!

The operation turned out to be quick and successful. The lessons I learned in recovery are important ones:

How do you regularly walk for rehab therapy when you are in pain but don’t want to take medications?

How do you make yourself drink plenty of water when it requires frequent trips to the bathroom?

How do you resist the temptation to turn off your brain and place yourself in the hands of doctors?

I believe that when you are working with the medical community, it is important to state your goals and compromise when necessary. If the doctor is willing, work toward using natural solutions. My doctor agreed wholeheartedly that the best patients are the ones who have educated themselves, are convinced surgery is the right path and are emotionally and physically ready to tackle the recovery. We became a team for my benefit.

Finally, I praise the Lord for Gene, my health-minded husband, who blessed me with his loving care throughout this entire experience.

The Climb with Peak Endurance and Red Rush


In July 2015, Dimitri attempted to climb to the steep summit of Banff’s Mount Rundle— an elevation gain of 5,175 feet. This Preferred Member in Edmonton, Alberta, had AIM on his side. As for the fear factor, Dimitri admitted, “I’m really afraid of heights.”

Dimitri has been taking a variety of AIM products, including BarleyLife, since he was a young boy. He and his family had been introduced to “Nutrition that Works” by AIM Director Janet Breitkreutz.

A few days before the climb, Janet recommended that he take Peak Endurance and Red Rush. “I needed all the help I could get,” Dimitri acknowledged. “My friends and I made a pact in the spring to get in shape for the climb, but it never happened for me. I’m thirty-four now. I used to be quite athletic and fit, but I never kept that up.” At the same time, Dimitri had resolved to, “. . . push until I get to the top. I know myself. Even if I’m hurting, I’m not going to stop.”

The day arrived, and suddenly the peak loomed before Dimitri and his five friends. The idea was to scramble: climbing to the top without ropes. “The mountain went from flat to immediate elevation,” Dimitri stated. “Most of the guys were starting to hurt. Not even a quarter of the way up, I looked like someone was pouring water on me; I was sweating so badly.”

At midway, Dimitri continued to feel the burn, but each time it would go away after a few minutes of rest. “I didn’t feel any muscle cramping or gasping for breath,” he stated. “I was sipping water and Peak Endurance all the way up. Earlier I had taken one bottle of Red Rush, which really helped my breathing.”

At one point, the trail unexpectedly narrowed, and Dimitri felt his legs buckle at the sight of a vertical 1,000-foot drop. “I could feel my backpack tipping me over the edge. I had to lie down on the ground and was too scared to move,” Dimitri recalled. “Even though I could see the mountaintop, I really felt that was the end of the climb for me. All I could think about was my wife Jamie and our daughter Zarah, and what would happen to them if I fell.” One of Dimitri’s buddies encouraged him with the news that the path widened just ahead. Slowly, Dimitri moved through his fear and continued the climb.

When the group was only 400 feet from the peak—still at least an hour’s climb—dark clouds began moving in and thunder sounded. The risk of being caught on a sheer peak in a storm ended the ascent for half the group. “We were so close,” Dimitri exclaimed, “but it just wasn’t worth the risk to my family.” The remaining three who reached the top were fortunate. The storm passed them by.

“The truth is,” Dimitri added, “I was out of water and Peak Endurance for the descent. If I had tried going to the top, I never would have made it down the mountain. God was taking care of me.”

The days following the climb were not as painful as Dimitri had expected. “I thought I wouldn’t be able to move the next day,” he explained, “but I was okay. The other guys were really sore, looking like they had been horseback riding.” Dimitri believes his recovery had a lot to do with taking AIM products. “They’re amazing!”

Proancynol 2000: When the Show Must Go On

Proancynol 2000

When you are a professional singer, your livelihood depends on the show going on no matter how you feel. That is a major part of being a performer in the music industry. Georgiann Gibson knows this all too well as a soprano who sings classical music. Even so, there are times when her vocal health is challenged.

One of the health threats to singers like Georgiann is the common cold with its detrimental effects on the voice. However, she has the protection of AIM Proancynol® 2000 to combat vocal enemies.

For Georgiann, Proancynol 2000 delivers a wealth of antioxidants from its seven ingredients, boosting her immune system that protects against invaders, such as free radicals, toxins and viruses.

One of the ingredients is N-acetyl cysteine, a powerful antioxidant that also acts as a mucolytic, having a thinning effect on mucus secretions. “I’ve been using Proancynol 2000 for over nine years now,” Georgiann explained. “I take it to reduce phlegm and eliminate the start of a cold, sore throat, congestion and mucus.”

For prevention, Georgiann takes 2 capsules daily. But when she feels something coming on, she will take up to 9 capsules a day for an entire week. “It literally knocks it right out so that I can go on singing,” she stated. “It’s a miracle!”

In fact, one week before a heavily advertised show, Georgiann got so sick with a bad cold that her voice teacher told her the only way she could perform would be to take steroids. Instead, she upped her intake of Proancynol 2000 and was able to deliver a stellar performance.

When you are a singer with a product as good as Proancynol on your side, you want people to know about it. Georgiann often tells other singers about how well it works for her. “If they are sick, I tell them to step up the amount they take for at least a week,” she said. “For me, it clears out the phlegm, so I can hit the high notes, which come out clearly without any problem. Proancynol 2000 has saved many performances.”

Celebrate a Healthy Cell Environment with AIM


AIM’s Mission and Promise to You 

In April, we celebrate our planet and the diverse and abundant organisms (like us) that are living well thanks to the goodness and bounty of the natural world. So when selecting wholefood nutritional supplements, the first thing you want to do is to make sure that whatever you choose comes direct from nature and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that can pollute your body. The AIM Companies knows this. That’s why we only use plants that are tested for the absence of over 300 pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other harmful chemicals. The USDA reports that 50% of foods that are labeled “organically certified” still contain chemical residues. Our Quality Assurance Department will reject any ingredients that test positive. The AIM Companies goes above and beyond to ensure that you receive the highest-quality, healthiest wholefood products and nutritional supplements.


If you’re feeling worn out or if you’re walking around all day in a haze, if you feel bloated, constipated or congested, if you get sick more often than normal or have worsening allergies, it could be due to a toxin buildup. Your body works hard at removing toxins through organs like the liver, lungs and kidneys, but if you’re eating too much fat, sugar and meat, toxins can begin to accumulate rapidly and may be a real nuisance to your wellbeing. Luckily, there are quite a few nutritional strategies for detoxifying.


Fiber is one of the best nutritional tools for cleansing. Sometimes toxins and other gunk can accumulate inside the walls of your intestines which can prevent you from absorbing valuable nutrients. A healthy dose of deep-cleansing fit ‘n fiber or Herbal Fiberblend may be able to help keep your digestive system running smoothly and your intestine walls gunk- and toxin-free.

Lymphatic Cleanse

The lymphatic system is an often overlooked but highly essential part of the immune system. It acts as a filter for the body’s ubiquitous interstitial fluid, and it also transports fats and vitamins. Herbal Release is the pinnacle of lymphatic cleanses.


The gut does more than digest food. It’s also home to a wild environment unlike any other on the planet, the gut microbiome. And it is estimated that 70% of our immune system is housed in our midsections. All those unpleasant, aforementioned toxin-bringers (sugar, fats, meat, etc.) and things like stress and illness can wreak havoc on your internal environment. That’s why a probiotic like FloraFood is so important. It restores balance to your body by promoting the growth of healthy, natural gut bacteria.


The World Health Organization estimates that over 1 million people die each year from the effects of air pollution. Most of those deaths and many related health problems can be tied back to oxidative stress.


High levels of oxidative stress means that your body is out of balance. When pollution is high, the body becomes inundated with free radicals and cannot produce enough antioxidants to fend them off. That’s why it’s important to reach for an antioxidant supplement like Proancynol 2000 or a wholefood product with a high ORAC score like BarleyLife. Each contains the building blocks of free-radical protection that your body can use to defend itself.

Dietary Nitrate 

Air pollution has also been linked to endothelial dysfunction dysfunction (aka dysfunction of the veins), and pollution caused by heavy traffic has been shown to increase blood pressure and decrease blood flow. Scientists tested beet juice to see if it would help to mitigate this phenomenon. When people drank beet juice, their blood flows were unhampered and improved. You can obtain your daily dose of dietary nitrate from Red Rush or RediBeets.

Vitamin C

A study published in Epidemiology looked at subjects who suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). On days when the air pollution levels were highest, their symptoms were the worst and many were admitted to the hospital. However, if they had low levels of vitamin C, the chances of a COPD sufferer ending up in the hospital was 1.2 times greater, leading researchers to believe that vitamin C’s antioxidant properties offered some protection against the pollution. And you can find vitamin C in Peak Endurance and BarleyLife Xtra.

Sun Damage 

Although humans, animals and all the plants need sunlight to survive, too much of a good thing can be a bit dangerous and unpleasant. That’s why it’s important to be responsible about soaking up those vitamin D-filled rays. One nutritional tip for keeping your skin healthy and young in the sun is through the use of omega-3 fatty acids. Sun damage can cause wrinkles, and omega-3s may help reduce inflammatory compounds that speed up the wrinkling process. Get your essential fatty acids from AIMega.