BarleyLife and Beet Juice: A Perfect Pair

The AIM Companies has been combining beet and barley grass juice since 1994, the year the Garden Trio was created. (RediBeets was first brought on the market in 1993, and we’re sure that our canny membership combined the two immediately). What we didn’t know then and what our members probably didn’t know either (unless theyContinue reading “BarleyLife and Beet Juice: A Perfect Pair”

Healthy Fats Might Save Millions

According to research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association,  it is estimated that 711,800 people die annually because they don’t eat enough omega-6 polyunsaturated fats. They also estimate that  537,200 deaths are caused by people eating too many trans fats and that another 250, 900 perish from the over-consumption of saturated fats (inContinue reading “Healthy Fats Might Save Millions”

Need a Good Reason to Eat More Fiber? Here’s One

A high-fiber diet has many benefits. It has been shown to improve heart health, assist in weight management, play a role in metabolic health and, of course, it’s great for keeping the digestive system running smoothly. However, new research indicates that fiber may even have the power to determine the future of our species. A study published in NatureContinue reading “Need a Good Reason to Eat More Fiber? Here’s One”

Cocoa Flavanols Linked to Vascular Health, Again

Back in October, researchers published a study in the British Journal of Nutrition that linked cocoa flavanols to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and overall cardiovascular health.  But that wasn’t the first study to connect cocoa to healthy veins. A 2006 study in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology found that cocoa flavanols may help peopleContinue reading “Cocoa Flavanols Linked to Vascular Health, Again”

This Is Why Your Stomach Is Upset

  Severe painful cramping, a constant uncomfortable pressure on the abdomen, nausea, sharp stabbing pains, a raw feeling in the gut, a dull ache, bloating, a deep throbbing pang, a burning feeling, something lodged in the stomach that can’t be removed, excruciating lower back pain, a razor cutting through the intestines. If these descriptions portrayContinue reading “This Is Why Your Stomach Is Upset”

3 Things You May Not Know About Your Gut

Your intestines and stomach, these often overlooked, workaday organs that thanklessly digest your food, may house unique forms of life, never before discovered by science. While not yet proven, researchers in Paris believe that hidden among our mostly uncatalogued gut flora are microbes with highly unusual DNA that may actually be a whole new category ofContinue reading “3 Things You May Not Know About Your Gut”