O’Ferrall Pauly & Michelle Long Seven Million Dollar Club Inductees


At the 2015 Scottsdale Conference, Chairman’s Club Directors O’Ferrall Pauly and Michelle Long were inducted into the Seven Million Dollar Club in a ceremony that also honored the life of the late Janet Pauly. AIM Senior Vice President and co-owner Ron Wright led with a moving speech about Janet Pauly and how she helped grow The AIM Companies™ during its early days. “Janet was dear to all of you,” he said. He recounted how Janet once went to Idaho to speak at a restaurant during a blizzard. Unable to attend the meeting due to the storm, Ron asked AIM President and co-owner Dennis Itami to film the presentation. He did, and the video became a pre-Internet viral sensation, passed from person to person on video tape. “Janet Pauly was friends to us all and loved by all of us,” Ron said. “She was the real beginning of The AIM Companies.”

Instead of using a wheelchair ramp to get on stage, O’Ferrall quaffed a Red Rush™, rose from his motorized wheelchair, proclaimed that he “didn’t need the scooter,” climbed the ramp and walked the length of the stage unaided. The audience laughed and cheered.

Royal Emerald Director Jann Abrams, a hospice nurse and a close friend of Janet Pauly, described Janet’s lifetime battle with various illnesses, their friendship and how BarleyLife® helped strengthen Janet’s immune system. “AIM’s a better company because Janet was a part of it, and the world is a better place. She was compassionate, unselfish and always looking to help people,” Jann said.

Royal Emerald Director Opal Wright (wife of co-owner Ron Wright), also close to Janet, described her as a comedian, a great speaker and very relaxed. “I feel her spirit is here among all of you, and she’d be so proud to see you here.”

O’Ferrall Pauly and Michelle Long gave their acceptance speeches: “I’ve shed tears of joy,” O’Ferrall said. “Thirty years ago, this year, Janet and I attended our first AIM conference. It was held in Lake Tahoe. We drove all the way from Texas. AIM announced their first car contest. Janet and I looked at each other because we needed a new car, and we tried to figure out how to achieve that goal. It lit a fire under us. The next year, we won the car, and were able to win a couple more cars over the years. It was a lot of fun. We met a lot of wonderful people. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your words to me and about my family.”

“On behalf of my mother,” Michelle said, “I would like to thank her upline, downline, Dennis, Kay, Opal and Ron. For those of you who knew my mother, you would know that she was not about the money. Tonight would make her very uncomfortable. Just to show you just how much AIM is in my blood, my son was born twenty years ago next month, the first day of the AIM San Francisco Conference. Mom was supposed to be the keynote speaker, but she kept postponing her flight so she could have more time with her grandson. She then flew to the Conference, didn’t even change her clothes, just walked up on stage and said ‘I’m a grandma.’ Thank you for all your love. I’m very proud to be a secondgeneration AIM Member. We will continue to drive the line.”

School Years, Healthy Years

School BL

It’s that time of year again: back-to-school. Whether you have children in elementary or high school or in college, AIM supplemental nutrition can help maintain their health and boost brain power for scholastic success.

As much as educational institutions are a source of knowledge and a means of advancement in life, schools are also a breeding ground for colds, flus, infections, etc. Whatever you can do to support a child’s immune system will go a long way in making school years healthy years.

For younger children, AIM BarleyLife® Xtra and AIM CoCoa LeafGreens™ Sample Packs are convenient ways for parents to give them a nutritional edge for body and mind.

BarleyLife® Xtra delivers the super nutritional, immune-boosting benefits of barley grass juice concentrate along with the sweet “Xtra” taste and nutrition from eighteen fruit and vegetable powders. Even young children can use the AIM Blender Bottle by adding water and a packet of powder and shaking up a nutritious green drink.

The same can be said for blending packets of CoCoa LeafGreens, which provide three types of calming, brain-boosting cocoa. A calm, focused mind is what every student
needs for academic growth. In 2013, the American Botanical Council published a study that determined cocoa contains polyphenolic compounds that not only enhance calmness, but also increase blood flow to the brain, improving cognition. And CoCoa LeafGreens also delivers nourishing greens, so students can enjoy a cocoa-licious drink that’s good for them.

For older students, initial forays into independence usually include a nutritional drop-off. Fast foods, incomplete meals and soft drinks can eventually take a toll even on the healthiest young people. Getting their three Daily Essentials is a priority to avoid sliding down the slippery slope into poor health. Greens, fiber and essential fatty acids (EFAs) are daily necessities, and the Daily Essentials Starter Pack provides all three in convenient capsule form.

  • AIM BarleyLife® for greens that ensure a quality source of natural nutrients
  • AIM Herbal Fiberblend® for fiber and herbs that cleanse and keep a body regular
  • AIMega® for EFAs that the body requires for healthy cell replication and performance

Packing a weekly supply in supplement cases ensures that busy students always have Nutrition that Works! on hand for healthy learning.

Another Link Between Probiotics and Weight Management


The difference between a diet high in fish oils and one chock-full of lard is pretty obvious.  What hasn’t been obvious is the metabolic effects that these diets can have on our gut microbes.  Researchers in Sweden looked into the quandary, publishing their results in Cell Metabolism.

In the study, there were two groups of mice. One group of mice were given healthy fats (fish oils). The other group were given unhealthy fats (lard).   The two groups had very different gut floras, but when gut flora from the fish-oil mice were injected into other mice (from a third group), that new gut flora was able to protect the third-group mice from inflammation and diet-based weight gain.   This means “that gut microbes are an independent factor aggravating inflammation associated with diet-induced obesity and gives hope that a probiotic might help counteract a “greasy” diet.” —Cell Press

“We wanted to determine whether gut microbes directly contribute to the metabolic differences associated with diets rich in healthy and unhealthy fats,” says first study author Robert Caesar of the University of Gothenburg. Even though the study was done in mice, “our goal is to identify interventions for optimizing metabolic health in humans.”

In their next set of studies, the researchers plan to see if the gut flora from the fish-oil mice can aid the lard-eating mice.

Get your healthy fats from AIM’s AIMega and probiotics from FloraFood!

AIMega  Basics of Probiotics