Anton “The Professor” Zafir

Intelligent Choices Inside and Outside of the Ring


Anton Zafir’s first professional bout was in June 2012. In just two short years, Anton “The Professor” Zafir—he has a graduate diploma in exercise and a bachelor’s degree in the Science of Sports—rose to the top of the Australian Mixed Martial Arts scene, winning the the Nitro Welterweight title belt after defeating the former champion by unanimous decision. Zafir is known for a fighting style that “pushes the pace” and forces his opponents into uncomfortable positions where they are likely to make mistakes. He capitalizes on their blunders and turns them into victories. His canny fighting style has netted him a (6-1) record.

Anton is as clever outside the ring as he is inside because he knows the value of the whole-food nutrition found in the AIM products.

As the Australian Nitro Welterweight Champion, my training regime is rigorous and intense, and my dietary requirements need to be of the highest quality to ensure recovery and peak performance. I have never been a fan of processed supplements that are widely used without full knowledge of their negative side effects. With this in mind, I researched a great deal to find a healthy, 100 percent natural company that provided top-level dietary supplements. My search finally met with success when I was introduced to AIM a year ago.

“AIM Red Rush® is my favorite daily drink. It dramatically boosts my energy and endurance for training and competition.

“I use AIM Peak Endurance™ for upkeep and replenishment of energy after each grueling training session, AIM Herbal Fiberblend® for removing bodily waste and toxins and the maintenance of blood sugar levels, AIM BarleyLife® for a healthy immune system and energy, AIM ProPeas™ for added protein to repair and build muscle, AIM fit ’n fiber™ for my digestive system because it reduces my appetite while lowering my fat levels and helps to maintain fat loss for competition preparation. I also use AIMega® to attain my omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids for general health.

“Since taking the all-natural AIM supplements, I now work out longer and harder. I recover faster and have suffered less injury; I can maintain and cut weight without starving or depleting my body. I go into training and competition strong and healthy with extended stamina.

“I would recommend that other athletes use the same combination of products to obtain strong, continual health by using AIM’s natural, great-tasting nutrition. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed!”

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