Director Promotion: Ron and Lendy Murray

Ron and Lendy

Thanks be to Ron and Opal Wright and Dennis and Kay Itami for the opportunity to do this business and to the AIM employees who do an outstanding job in supporting us and our Members.

We appreciate everyone in our downline for everything they do to care for themselves and for sharing the benefits with others. We are grateful for
our Members who see the opportunity and want to promote in the business and are willing to do so by helping their Members promote to higher levels of success.

We feel blessed for the life experiences that being AIM Members has provided us. The better we feel, the more abundantly we experience what life can offer in love, health, wealth and meaningful relationships gained. Something we call The Healthy Self Concept—the commitment to whole-being wellness.

Seeing our adult children and families making healthy choices is also worth being an example for.

This is Ron’s second time in building an AIM business. The first time was to Blue Star Sapphire Diamond Director (first in Canada). When his wife Nancy passed away, that business was willed to their daughter Natalie.

Meeting Lendy through AIM meetings, life began again and so did building a new business, believing it is never too late to start again!

Our favorite products are AIM BarleyLife and the Mag-nificence magnesium products and now Red Rush. However, our cupboards are full of all the products, and daily use keeps the smiles alive. Our favorite sales tool is the sample spray bottles filled with Mag-nificence magnesium. Thanks to the Mag-nificence magnesium products and how quickly people get results, it has put enthusiasm back into our business. The difference they have made led people to be open to trying other wonderful AIM products.

We are grateful for the financial blessings that AIM has provided us and all the support through the years. Nothing is more rewarding than being part of of changing people’s lives in meaningful and growthful ways.

–Ron and Lendy Murray, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.

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