Director Promotion: Ralph Peterson

Ralph Peterson of Portland, North Dakota retired from his job as a school bus driver after twenty-two years. He still owns and operates Ralph’s Sharp Shop, an outdoor power equipment sales and service business and raises delicious organic sweet corn, the kind that melts right off the cob. He spends free moments with his ten grandchildren and other members of his family. If Ralph’s life didn’t soundContinue reading “Director Promotion: Ralph Peterson”

BarleyLife and Gluten Issues

Gluten is a sticky issue these days for many people, especially for those who react poorly to its presence in foods they consume. From the Latin word meaning glue, gluten is a protein composite found in several grains including wheat, rye, and barley. Because barley plants mature into grain, AIM receives regular queries about gluten and BarleyLife. When you think of gluten,Continue reading “BarleyLife and Gluten Issues”

Antioxidants May Aid Aging Immune Systems

The “free-radical theory” of aging got a significant boost to its scientific paradigm this month when scientists from the The Scripps Research Institute were able to pinpoint how the aging process hampered the production of new immune cells. Their research went on to suggest that dietary antioxidants diminished the damage caused by aging. This is theContinue reading “Antioxidants May Aid Aging Immune Systems”

GinkgoSense Is a Smart Move

Women, you know that keeping your senses about you in a chaotic world is a challenge. It would be great to have supplemental brain power at your fingertips. From the time you’re young enough to collect thoughts right on through the more mature stages of life, you are bombarded with too much information. Time can take a toll on a jam-packed memory. TakingContinue reading “GinkgoSense Is a Smart Move”

Ageless Women–Make the Most of Menopause

Back in the 1960s, menopause was defined as a deficiency disease by gynecologists, and hormone therapy was the cure. Often referred to as the “change,” “one of nature’s mistakes,” or “a sign of aging,” negative attitudes about that phase of female life blossomed. Such determinations have no reasonable place in the world we live today and should be forever discarded like bell bottomContinue reading “Ageless Women–Make the Most of Menopause”

AIM Academy of Nutrition and Success: Set Your Own Pace

The AIM Academy is open twenty-four hours a day. That means that AIM knowledge is always available to those who seek it. The curriculum is at your fingertips whenever you are ready to study. And you set the pace that will eventually take you to graduation day. No matter your schedule or daily demands of life, you can start,Continue reading “AIM Academy of Nutrition and Success: Set Your Own Pace”

Director Promotion: Joy and Nathan Thompson

We are so thankful for reaching the goal of Star Sapphire Director in February 2015. What a blessing it is, and we want to give thanks first to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for this blessing and the blessing of being associated with such a great company like AIM that provides quality products to enhance life and health! So many companies out thereContinue reading “Director Promotion: Joy and Nathan Thompson”

Cranberry Extract May Reduce Risk of UTIs After Surgery

There are several studies out there that link cranberry juice to a reduced risk of urinary tract infections. Cranberry juice’s urinary-tract-scrubbing power also has a strong word-of-mouth campaign going for it, too.  For a long time, researchers thought that that cranberries were so acidic that they killed the infection through dissolution, but this is no longer thought toContinue reading “Cranberry Extract May Reduce Risk of UTIs After Surgery”

Daily Essentials

Think about all the things you need to stay healthy. Then ask yourself if you are taking the AIM Daily Essentials: greens, fiber and essential fatty acids. You don’t have to gamble with your health when you get sufficient amounts in your dietary intake. Essential Greens The supreme nutrition that AIM is able to extract from barleyContinue reading “Daily Essentials”

Dixie Shaw: Mom Knows Best!

Dixie Shaw, Royal Emerald Director from Gilmer, Texas, knows nutrition. She and her husband Eddie own and operate an online health store where they sell the AIM products alongside other equipment essential to a healthy lifestyle. She discovered AIM shortly after giving birth to one of their children. “I wanted to lose weight and get in shape,” Dixie said. A friend told herContinue reading “Dixie Shaw: Mom Knows Best!”