Vitamin B12 Linked to Academic Performance

I like to call B vitamins “nature’s rogues gallery of loosely related, chemically distinct, water-soluble organic compounds.” Yes. It’s a terrible nickname, but I have a lot of time on my hands. In general, B vitamins play a huge role in cognitive functioning and metabolism, so it may be of little surprise to hear that a study done in Bogota,Continue reading “Vitamin B12 Linked to Academic Performance”

Vitamin K: Quick Facts Sheet

Vitamin K comes from leafy green vegetables and has been shown to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve bone health, stop oxidative cell death, slow the rate of age-related cognitive decline, boost memory and play a significant role in blood clotting. BarleyLife, Cocoa LeafGreens, LeafGreens and BarleyLife Xtra are all significant sources of VitaminContinue reading “Vitamin K: Quick Facts Sheet”

Sleep Mag-nificently

Sleep isn’t that exciting. I mean, it’s basically lying still and unaware in a dark room for an extended period of time. But to an insomniac, it’s a blissful and often unachievable Nirvana-like state. And if you’re an older adult, then there’s a fifty percent chance that you have insomnia. Sleep is so very important. It helpsContinue reading “Sleep Mag-nificently”