Mag-Nificence Lives Up to Its Name


According to the USDA, fifty-seven percent of Americans don’t get enough dietary magnesium. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency range from minor things like fatigue, muscle weakness and cramps to serious problems like personality change and heart failure. Poor diet and alcohol abuse are major contributors to magnesium deficiency. Green leafy vegetables and nuts are rich sources of magnesium, but it can also be absorbed directly through the skin during a bath or a massage with our Mag-nificence lotion. The best and most relaxing way to supplement with magnesium is through back rubs and long hot baths.That’s great news because stress can cause your magnesium levels to dip.

Magnesium can do more than just improve the quality of your massage. According to theUniversity of Maryland Medical Center, “magnesium may enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatment for the following conditions:”

1. Asthma

2. Depression

3. Diabetes

4. Fibromyalgia

5. Noise-related hearing loss

6. Cardiovascular Health

7. Migraine

8. High Blood Pressure

9. Osteoporosis.

10. Preclampsia and Eclampsia

11. PMS

12. Restless Leg Syndrome

Check out the University of Maryland website for further information about these studies. And check out AIM’s Mag-nificence for a soothing way to get your magnesium on.

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2 thoughts on “Mag-Nificence Lives Up to Its Name

  1. I use the Mag-nificence lotion after I shave in the evening. I also prefer to use some on my arms and shoulders after baseball practice. (I coach a seven and eight year old team. Go Astros!) My arm is not hurting or sore the next day, and I throw a lot of balls during infield and outfield practice. (It is safer for the kids to throw rather than hit to them.)

    Yesterday evening I also worked in the yard for four hours. I used the Mag-nificence lotion before going to bed and woke up feeling good, with no soreness or lack of energy. (I take the Garden Trio first thing in the morning too to help with recovery from yard work.)

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