Top Ten Reasons to Attend the 2015 AIM Conference!

2015 Conference

It’s the final month to register for the 2015 AIM Conference, and the remaining rooms are being filled daily. So if you’re thinking of visiting the old Grand Canyon State, you may want to make the decision to go before there is no longer a decision to make.

10. The New, Improved Healthy Cell Concept

Back in the day,  the Healthy Cell Concept was a revolutionary holistic way of looking at health from the bottom up. Today, the concept is still as sound as ever, but the look will be updated to reflect modernity.

9. Arizona is a land of sun and flavor

Arizona is a beautiful state. It also houses the best canyon in the world. And if you’ve seen the Grand Canyon, there is very little reason to hunt around for other, lesser canyons. You’ve already seen numero uno.

8. The Hotel Has a Pool 

I don’t know about you guys, but if I get to go to this thing, I will spend all my off time getting raisin-y hands and swimming laps in the enormous outdoor pool that looks and is totally awesome.

7. A Basketball Court

You’ll get your cell exercise on the awesome full-size basketball court. Which AIM Member is the best basketball player? This will finally be decided, as it should be, on the court.

6. The Panel of Member-Experts

What makes our AIM Organization so great is that our Members are amazing people. This year, we’re going to let some of our capable Members take lead on the presentations.

5.  The Surprises!

There are surprises in store. Amazing surprises. Secret surprises. I can’t tell you what they are. That’s why they are surprises.

4. The Price

Due to the rescheduling, we were able to drastically reduce the price of conference and we passed the savings on to you!

3. Red Rush for Everyday use

Red Rush: Year One–Market the finest beet juice to a young, athletic crowd in order to help expand our markets.

Red Rush: Year Two/This Year–Market the finest beet juice to everyday people who need help with blood pressure, mobility and circulation. Find out more in Scottsdale.

2. Stoking that good, old Network-Marketing Passion

We’re a network-marketing company.  A lot of people get a great deal of satisfaction from their AIM businesses that they built with their strong, bare hands. It’s the kind of thing you can be proud of.  Successful Members will share their stories and their methods with those of you interested in taking up the mantle of entrepreneurship.  In Partnership for Life!

1. Your AIM Family

Nothing is better than seeing old friends and making new ones.  This Conference provides you with the opportunity to relight the fires of fellowship and communion with your friends, colleagues and mentors and also affords you the opportunity of touching new lives and making new memories.

Register for Conference here!

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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons to Attend the 2015 AIM Conference!

  1. Would love to go to Arizona but in April not July. Why not have the convention in spring or winter.
    Then us northerners can enjoy more sun.

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