One of the Most Popular AIM Products Among Local CrossFitters May Surprise You

fit n' fiber

Recently, I interviewed Frank and Micheala Beauvais, the owners of Snake River CrossFit and AIM Members, for Living Well Magazine.  The article will likely appear in the February issue. I published most of Michaela’s interview on The Red Rush Blog because the information about CrossFit and exercise was great and I felt that it really spoke to that Red Rush demographic. However, in both pieces, I had to leave out their amazing product testimonials due to space constraints or the marketing split. The husband-and-wife team each had a great testimony about Red Rush, but they also had amazing things to say about fit n’ fiber.  I’m not one to let great testimonies go to waste, so here’s what they said.

” The fit n’ fiber has changed my whole life.  Without going into too much detail, I seriously struggled with an angry gut for 7 years.  I had been through nutritional councilors, Gastro specialists, and wholistic practitioners all without solution.  Ryan & Phil hooked me up with a few samples, and I’m so grateful!  My digestion is much more regulated, and I’ve been able to reintroduce some foods I had been without for a long time.”

– Michaela Beauvais

“The fit n’ fiber is awesome. My eliminations have never been better.  I absolutely dig the fit n’ fiber.”

-Frank Beauvais

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