The 8 Micronutrients People Aren’t Getting Enough Of

In an interview with NutraingredientsDr. Baiz Frei from the Linus Pauling Institute said he’s concerned that people aren’t getting enough micronutrients in their diets. He also said that a healthy diet is the first step toward correcting these deficiencies and that supplements are the next one. What are the 8 biggest micronutritional deficiencies according to him? Here’s a list and here’s our products that have them.

1. Vitamin A- Just Carrots 420%


2. Vitamin C- Peak Endurance, 72%


3. Vitamin D- Veggie D,  250%


4. Vitamin K– BarleyLife, 100%

BarleyLife_360g (2)

5. Vitamin E, CoCoa LeafGreens, 2%


6. Calcium- CalciAIM, 38%


7. Potassium- Red Rush, 20%


8. Magnesium- Mag-Nificence, Topical



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One thought on “The 8 Micronutrients People Aren’t Getting Enough Of

  1. Many people have deficiencies of micronutrients, but no real symptoms. Deficiencies can affect your mental sharpness, your ability to cope with stress, and the ability of your body to resist disease as well as recover from surgery.


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