Coughing, Sore Throat After Exercise? Vitamin C May Be the Answer

Vitamin C SupplementsI’ve been exercising five days a week over at Member-owned Snake River CrossFit. I am not very athletic and am kind of terrible at any exercise that involves technical skill or spatial coordination, (so nearly all of them), but at least I have lost a lot of body fat flailing about. My new motto is “look terrible to look good.” It used to be that whenever I would run, I’d start hacking and coughing about 200 m in and then I’d start wheezing once I was too weak to cough. Turns out, that I wasn’t just in terrible shape. There are actual medical conditions that cause this sort of thing: exercise-induced bronchoconstriction and/or exercise-induced asthma.  (EIA is a form of EIB.)  I would like to add that I have not been to a doctor to get diagnosed because I didn’t know EIB was a real thing until I read a recent study on it. But it all makes sense now.

I’ve been able to run rather comfortably as of late. I attributed this to my improved fitness levels, but I’ve also been taking Peak Endurance and CalciAIM prior to every workout.  One serving of both has over 120% of my vitamin C needs.

Today, I read a study out of Finland that has found that vitamin C may help relieve respiratory symptoms associated caused by EIB by 50% in some cases. So as much as I’d like to attribute my ability to run without hacking to my improved fitness levels, I saw the greatest improvement in running comfort after adding these two products to my pre- and post- workout cycle. It seems hard to write this off as coincidence.

This is anecdotal product testimony and not medical advice by any means.



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